Light & soft - Designed to wear 365 days a year

The 365 Family is our most flexible and light weight outdoor garments. Once you put them on the freedom of movement becomes apparent immediately. The super comfortable riding jackets, insulated coats, vests and thermal skirts in the 365 family are all fitted and offers great comfort regardless of weather conditions.

The synthetic down insulation has the same heating qualities as actual down, but with the benefit of keeping those qualities even when moist or wet.

Thanks to the smooth and soft fitted cut 365 also works very well as an in between layer underneath a shell jacket. 

The 365 Family members match in colour and style, making it possible to add or remove layers as you see fit. The colours of the 365 garments also match with their “cousins” 365 Hybrid and Wool Hybrid liners and the Thermal skirt. 


''The vest is my go-to. I usually ride 8-10 horses a day and I can wear it all day. The jacket also comes on and off at times, but the vest remains all year round.'' - Jacob Nörby Sörensen, Uhip team rider.


Estimated heat capacity



365 Midlayer Jacket + Merino Baselayer



365 Midlayer Jacket + 365 Vest



365 Midlayer Jacket + 365 Hybrid Jacket